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M-Connect Solutions (M-CS) is founded in 2009 and a full-service website development company specializing in eCommerce, Portal, CMS, Social Media and Mobile Apps development. M-CS corporate headquarters is located in India with offices in North America and Europe.

Hire Dedicated Professional Resources

Process of this Model:
» We get your Inquiry via Website or by Referral.
» We will ask for more information in form of elaborated information.
» Depends on your requirement we will suggest you timeline.
» We will determine either its graphical person or a programmer, SEO, Google analytical trainer.
» Based on timeline we provides you will determine whether you want full time or a part time resources.
» Based on your determination we allocate resources.
» Resources will be all yours; you can allocate tasks directly to him/her.
» You will receive daily updates from the resources directly.
» You can change the resources if you won't like.
» Allocated resources will work delicately on your project.
» This process will be renewed every month.

Model Suitable for:
» Project Maintenance and Support, bug fixing, add-on functionality to existing functionality.
» Enterprise application outsource where requirement keep changing.
» One or more project to outsource and where need a team of professionals.

» This model is effective for long terms partnership
» Manageable remotely
» Cost effective solutions for large enterprise portal projects