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M-Connect Solutions (M-CS) is founded in 2009 and a full-service website development company specializing in eCommerce, Portal, CMS, Social Media and Mobile Apps development. M-CS corporate headquarters is located in India with offices in North America and Europe.

Fixed Scope Fixed Quote Model

» Specific Requirements.
» We analyze your requirement and potential queries and suggestions.
» Your feedbacks on our queries and suggestions.
» Based on requirement we will provide you quotation and timeline.
» After confirmation we will move to project commencement

Based on your inquiry and work specification we determines scope of the task for your application upfront and provide you specific pricing and timeline estimation upfront. Once we receive your inquiry for your project solutions, our experts will analyze your requirements and reply you with their understandings of your project specs along with the solutions, queries and suggestions.

After your response on our understanding, we finalize scope of the work, we will determines which technology is best match to your application and according to that give you the EET(Effort Estimation Timeline) + Quotation. After we receive your approval on timeline and Quotation we will commence the project with designing your application by our technical department.

After that we will start the development on our development server and we will deploy the developed solutions on the server for QA team for quality testing of your project, after their approval we will ask you for your feedbacks on the functional we have developed, and after your approval, we end the projects happily.

This Model effectively applied for our consultants. Partners and companies who knows that the scope, cost and upfront for the project.


Our Customers

  • Finance and Banking
  • Re-Engineering Sector
  • Sports and Game Industry
  • eCommerce industry
  • Web Analytics
  • GIS Industry
  • Health and Medical Sector
  • Small Business

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