10 Great Advantages of Influencing Software Development in Medical and Health Care Industry

IT industries have a very powerful impact on almost every field. It summarizes and makes the work much more managed and easy to work. Software development in Medical or healthcare industry bestows a powerful bang in this field. Read more ›

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ERP – A Perfect Strategy for Business Growth

What is ERP?
Enterprise Resource Planning abbreviated as ERP is one of the most authentic and enhanced tool for commerce, trade and business. Integration is the key to ERP. It is a way to integrate the data and transactions of an organization comprising of the necessary hardware and software into a unified database system. Its main goal is to maintain these data’s in an easy and proper manner so that in the future modifications to such data can become easy. Read more ›

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Tablet eCommerce Website – Next Development in Mobile Commerce (mCommerce)

The idea of a tablet was brought out by Alan Kay and first tablet computer to be sold was from Apple Computer’s called Newton which was not a success.
Read more ›

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Mobile Application Lifecycle Management – The Need for a Company to get Success

In today’s fast and mobile world, manpower is on-the-go most of the times. If the employees can have 24 / 7 access to business applications, they can become more productive. An organization should build the required mobile applications and monitor their performance and usability. Read more ›

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Tablets – The Next Booming Platform for eCommerce Applications

Technology in the 12s has changed the way of our life. It used to be that you can only browse through the internet through your laptop or PC, that all has changed when mobile came to the scene with real browser and then; the newest gadget is changing it all again, the Tablet. Read more ›

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A Meager 24% Small Retailers Gone mCommerce, 89% Aspire to, Studies Report

Mobile commerce – mCommerce is ruling the roost now-a-days and fetching profits galore to the business owners. But are the small and medium sized retailers benefitting from the same? Are they able to make a foray into this arena? Read more ›

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Stupendous Role of Social Media in the Success of Any Business

Social media has arrived with a big bang…and the bang is so big that it is here to stay forever. This is one platform that business owners have tapped the entire potential the medium has to offer. The money spent on social media is doubled within a span of just one year. While Facebook tops the list, Twitter follows closely. Read more ›

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QR Codes – The Backbone of mCommerce

QR Codes for Mobile Website
Integrating innovations into one’s system is the key to success and helps maintain a competitive edge over one’s contemporaries regardless of the niche to which the business belongs to. Use of QR code has become very popular and effective too not only in the e-commerce segment but also in m-commerce segment too. Read more ›

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Reasons to Choose CMS (Content Management Systems)

How do you think a CMS…content management system, will improve the effectiveness of any website? Why should you choose CMS in the first place at all? What are the advantages that appropriate choice of good CMS website will bring along?

Choose Good CMSHere is a small effort to find out what the main reasons are to choose a CMS for an online business enterprise. Read more ›

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Application Development Lifecycle Management: A Structured Method for Accomplishing Business Goals

When a collection of programs satisfies certain requirements or resolves certain issues, then it is called an application. The collaboration between business management and IT has given rise to the application tools to facilitate the management functionality.

It is essential for any business to be sure regarding the quality and stability of applications which affects the production and quality of the end product of the business. Moreover, the customize applications should be made available to the clients within their budget parameters. Read more ›

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