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M-Connect Solutions (M-CS) is founded in 2009 and a full-service website development company specializing in eCommerce, Portal, CMS, Social Media and Mobile Apps development. M-CS corporate headquarters is located in India with offices in North America and Europe.

Open Quote Model

In this model requirements keep changes, based on that we suggest customer to go for Open Quote Model where both parties decide the Weekly budget and based on that customers hires resources from us who will get paid based on Hourly basis. So we send weekly invoices to customer calculating hours we have worked, and when budget reached limit we informed customer to renew the quote.

This Model mostly applied for the customer who doesn't have fixed requirement and they have ongoing work on their project.

It contains below industries:
» Entertainment and Media
» Sports
» Health Care
» Education
» Real Estate and more.


Our Customers

  • Finance and Banking
  • Re-Engineering Sector
  • Sports and Game Industry
  • eCommerce industry
  • Web Analytics
  • GIS Industry
  • Health and Medical Sector
  • Small Business

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