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About M-Connect Solutions?
We believe in excellent work which helps to build your business.

M-Connect Solutions is a web development company offering fully fledged user centric solutions for web and mobile development. We are enveloping all characteristic aspects of application development including design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

We possess a team of well qualified and experienced people in their own domains, which has made our team strengthened with huge industrial experience. We aim at providing the best services and apt solutions to all your problems and needs.

Being experts in multitudinous web development tools and technologies, we prepare standardised solutions for diverse industries like eCommerce, healthcare, Finance, Sports, Insurance, Mobile apps, Hospitality and education.

M-CS has set a benchmark for itself by following industry standards of mobile and web software development. With strong project management capabilities and a fat catalogue of clients, we formulate high quality personal and enterprise applications.

Offshore Development Services

Bringing solutions @ your doorstep.

Offshore development centers provide cost effective, precise and high quality services. The work is delivered on time at all times. It reduces your burden and helps you in getting your work completed with ease and flexibility. Our offshore team members would deliver best services to you no matter where you're located at.

Facilities like multiple domains, database management, web development, mobile application development, product engineering, system integration, application development, content development, QA & testing and IT supports would be sufficed throughout.

Our offshore development team members are highly qualified and follow the work pattern very stringently in order to provide you with best quality outputs. They serve you dedicatedly and constantly develop newer programs and software to serve you well. The work process and the quality maintained by them are without a doubt at par with your expectations.

How We Work?
We would help you in achieving your goals speedily.

M-Connect Solutions holds a team of experience and qualified members. With their experience spread over a vast span of years, the human resource at M- CS would deliver the best results for you. We constantly update ourselves with the latest developments and changes in the field and offer best solutions to you regarding any queries pertaining to mobile and web development.

M-Connect Solutions is different than other companies as it is striving to its maximum capacity to serve you the best. We constantly come up with newer developments to increase your convenience and rendering the best aid to you. Our technological expertise would come in handy for clearing up all your problems and in boosting your working efficiency.

In order to develop various applications, the resource pool at M- Connect Solutions dedicatedly follow the journey of application development life cycle wherein we design various phases for you as per your requirements, develop it as per the perfection needed and test it thoroughly in order to serve you the best.

Software Development Cycle
In order to develop an outstanding application, we duly assess your requirements. Based on your needs, the software engineers at M- Connect Solutions would plan for the perfect product and analyze its feasibility in the market, thus delivering flawless product to you. Thereafter, we would build a project meant to aid you and test it to the perfection. We duly deliver varied applications in programming languages while always serving the needs of our customers is our sole aim.

Web Development Cycle
Website is your digital face of your organization which makes an epic effect on users and company brand. Firstly, we would get detail information about your business theme and services. Then, we would specifically design a page that suits you and depicts you the best in a perfect manner. Thereafter, we would develop it logically and in a consumer friendly manner. We would code the pages with coding optimization. The needs for your content management would be met with. All of your database management tasks would be really eased up. After proper testing of the page, SEO and promotions needs would be met with. We do not stop here. We would also help you in maintaining and updating your websites effectively and smoothly.

Mobile Application Development Cycle
We always extend our hands towards one or more of your needs. For your needs of mobile app development, we provide innumerous services to you to choose from. We analyse your requirements in detail. After defining your functional requirements, we follow service and product analysis. We then proceed towards expert designing and coding as per your needs. We design mobile apps suitable for Blackberry, iPhone, Android and more. We strive for product optimization and for the same; we conduct numerous performances testing sessions. The best output is delivered to you.

Why Choose M-Connect Solutions?
Lasting business relations based on trust and high end business development

Focus on building long-term relationships M-Connect Solutions has always been flexible in every terms and constantly updated with the latest updates but also goes beyond the traditional norms to deliver the best.

Well-Built Workforce We have highly professional level employees in each domain and our team is always ready to serve you at their best. We guide you thoroughly and dedicatedly till the time project runs successfully.

Proven Experience M-Connect Solutions provides the best services to you and our work level is stringent and precisely followed throughout the completion of the projects.

Assured Quality The quality of output is at par with your expectations and timely delivery of work is offered to all our clients. We have will always stood up to your expectations and deliver the best of what you can have.

Regular Up-gradations in Tools and Techniques We believe that newer developments reach you faster than the others and therefore our employees keep updated with every new entrant in tech world.

Flexibility in Packages As per your work necessity, needs or budget, you can choose from one of the various offers provided by M- CS. For your convenience, we offer all kinds of solutions which would fit in almost any kind of your need.

NDA and Privacy Policy We value our clients a lot. We would never do anything that would harm or degrade them. We stick by our words and offer our loyal services only to you, and not to your competitors.

Satisfaction Guaranteed After checking our first class quality services, we are sure you would love what we offer to you. Our company promises to deliver the best to you, and nothing less than that.